SG-TITA: The New Digital Audio Board

• 128-voice Wavetable Synthesis Board
• Two Independent 16-Channel MIDI Synthesizers
• Full-Dynamic Voice Poliphony
• Voice Synthesis Model
- 44.1-kHz sampling-rate Wavetable Oscillator
- Resonant Low-Pass Filter with dynamic Cutoff Freq. and fixed Resonance (Q)
- DAHDSR Volume Envelope Generator for controlling the final Gain Amplifier
- Programmable Sends to Pan, Reverb and Chorus Effects Units
- Two Low-Frequency Oscillators for modulating Pitch, Filter Cutoff and Amplitude
- DAHDSR Modulation Envelope Generator for controlling Pitch and/or Filter Cutoff

• High Performance 32-Bit 300-MHz Floating-Point DSP

• On-Board Data Memory
- 128MB/64MB/32MB of In-System Self-Programmable Flash
- 128MB/64MB/32MB of In-System SDRAM
- 256KB of Internal RAM

• Standard Sound Development Tools
- No Dedicated Hardware Board Required
- Compatible with all Free/Commercial SoundFont Editors

• Multichannel Audio Serial Port
- Dedicated 26-pin Data Connector
- Up to 24 Audio Channels (I2S) @ 32-bit precision
- Programmable Audio I/O Routing
• Two Programmable UART Serial Ports
• USB 2.0 Full-speed (12 Mbps) or Low-speed (1.5 Mbps) Port
- High-speed Firmware Downloading
- High-speed SoundFont 2.0 Data Import
- Standard USB-MIDI Driver Supported
- Integrated transceiver, no external resistors required
• Customizable Firmware and Algorithms On-Demand
• Voltage Supply Input: 4.5 – 5.5V

• Typical Applications:
- Karaokes
- Digital Pianos
- Classical Organs
- Professional Keyboards
- Musical Samplers
- Physical model synthesis

Demo song 1
Demo song 2
Demo song 3

All songs are been registered directly from TITA board in Wave format. The files are converted in mp3 format by Lamelib encoder at 160kbps.